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  • 03-01-2020Redefining “Austere”
  • 09-01-2018Nalls Aviation Proud New Owner of the Worlds Smallest jet Aircraft
  • 06-20-2005SMART-1s Selected for Homeland Defense Exercises
  • 06-20-2005. JAMEX Is Born
  • 06-20-2005. JCMD Program Comes To An End
  • 06-20-2005. SMART-1 Engine R & D Heating Up
  • 05-06-2005. Aerial Productions International, Inc. Becomes a Prime Contractor
  • 04-30-2005. SMART-1s Getting Smarter
  • 03-31-2005. SMART-1s Support Combined Red Flag
  • 02-28-2005. SMART-1 Flies for the Naval Air Warfare Center
  • 06-30-2004. SMART-1s Conduct First Night Strikes
  • 07-25-2003. Smarter SMART-1 Makes Successful First Flight
  • 11-18-2002. SMART-1 Stars in “More James Bond Gadgets”
  • 09-30-2002.  USAF Faces Critical Target Shortfall
  • 08-18-2002. Cruise Missile Threat Grows, Rumsfeld Says. Bush Urged to Boost Defense Against Low-Flying Weapon.

Small Manned Aerial Radar Target – Model 1